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Can The ‘Saviour’ Save?

Liberia’s Education System and its Pathway to  Redemption

About a week ago, I arrived at work and made a routine stop at my boss’ office situated in the right wing of a building overlooking Tubman Boulevard. Upon entering, I was greeted by Fatou M. Coleman’s hefty but revealing book entitled ‘Catalogue Of Graduates From the University of Liberia’. It is an accurate register of graduates dating as far back as 1866, when a single graduate walked out, and up to 2009, when about One Thousand Five Hundred students made up the class. Flipping through its pages, I became awestruck by the people of great renown who were listed. But even more notable were the many foreign students who graduated between ‘62 and ‘89. A total of Four Hundred and Nineteen foreign students graduated during the period. They came from 27 countries including: China, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and the United States of America. Wow! Really! Does this reflect the fact that our system soared in prominence within the sub-region and beyond with regards to education? Was our education system so vibrant that it attracted foreign students and teachers alike? Does this situation hold true today? Read More …

Why I Oppose the Proposed Private Public Partnership in Education in Liberia

By. Anderson Miamen as culled from Facebook post.


As correctly said, which I totally agree with, garbage in, garbage out. Inputs determine Outputs. And to whom much is given, much is expected!


Among other things, you cannot grossly underfund public education; renege on your responsibility by leaving the system unmonitored; refuse to decentralize decision making as required under relevant laws and policies governing the sector and expect public schools to perform as desired. You are dead wrong if you ever insinuated that the current public school system is "rotten beyond repair and not sustainable." Yes, I said it!!!!


Students in Sotiamon, Child Development Academy, Levi C. Williams, Spiritan and other better-performing schools are being taught by Liberians. Besides, these schools are being managed largely by Liberians. How come they are performing, but many of our public schools are doing the exact opposite? Why is government even paying more for teachers in the public schools, but are under-performing compared to many of their counterparts in private schools? The fact is, you cannot underfund and pay lip-service to public education and think that Private Public Partnership is the only solution the problems in Education. No, I vehemently disagree with such insinuation. Read More …

Open Budget Survey 2012: Liberia Ranks 43

The International Budget Partnership has released the Open Budget Survey 2012. Widely considered the only independent, comparative, and regular measure of budget transparency and accountability around the world, the survey is produced every two years by experts outside government. The 2012 Survey reveals that the national budgets of 77 of the 100 countries assessed – these 77 countries are home to half the world’s population – fail to meet basic standards of budget transparency. The report measure budget openness on a scale of 0-100, where 0 indicates scant or limited budget information and 100 indicates extensive information.

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Special Independent Investigative Body Report on Private Use Permit Report

In August 2012, PresidJamesDorborJallahent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf established a Special Independent Investigating Body (the “SIIB”) to investigate allegations related to the issuance of Private Use Permits (PUPs). This Report was completed by the SIIB following a comprehensive review of PUPs. The Report addresses the legality of the Forestry Development Authority (FDA) issuance of PUPs, the legal status of PUPs, and p
rovides guidance toward a full resolution of the legal and policy issues identified.

Click this Link to download the Report of the Special Independent Investigative Body Report on Private Use Permit Report.  SIIB Report on PUPs.pdf

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CENTAL, IBIS sign Partnership Agreement

CENTAL and IBIS-Liberia have signed a six-month Partnership agreement in Monrovia. The event which took place on Monday, July 1, 2013 at the Head Office of IBIS, formalized a partnership between the two organizations aimed at increasing access to budget and expenditure information on the County Social Development Fund (CSDF) to communities in Bong and Margibi Counties. Read More …