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Press Statement on Political Finance


As the 2017 elections campaign period draws closer, the Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL) is concerned about the unusual expenditure of political parties on fleets of new vehicles, motorcycles, party offices and dishing of large sums of money to support various projects across the country. This massive show of spending power despite the poor state of the Liberian economy coupled with a limited due-paying culture of supporters and partisans of political parties raises many questions. Are political parties and individuals complying with the National Elections Commission (NEC) Campaign Finance Regulations? Where are the sources of these monies? Are Liberians the sole contributors of these funds? Are foreign contributions or illegal contributions making their way into our elections? We have numerous reasons to be concerned because with the inflow of any illegal contributions, Liberia risks private interests capturing the state and public resources diverted away from the people.

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