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The Center for Transparency and Accountability in Liberia (CENTAL)/ Transparency International Liberia (TI-Liberia), is the National Chapter of Transparency International is a local not-for-profit, non-governmental, anti-corruption organization founded in May of 2004. The organization is registered as non-profit corporation and accredited by the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning. CENTAL is overseen by a seven-member Board of Directors and administered by a secretariat headed by an Executive Director.

CENTAL works in coalition with several local and international organizations around different thematic areas and can pride itself as a trailblazer in enhancing citizen's participation in governance and piercing the view of secrecy that had long been emblematic of public affairs.  CENTAL coordinates the following coalitions: Coalition for Transparency and Accountability in Education (COTAE), Liberia Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI) and is a member of National Civil Society Council of Liberia.



CENTAL works to create and strengthen a participatory social movement across all sectors of society to fight corruption, improve governance, reduce poverty, and build a culture of integrity among all peoples and institutions in Liberia.


A corruption-free Liberia, where people and institutions in all spheres of society act with integrity, accountability and transparency in all their dealings.


CENTAL aspires to be a catalyst for improved transparency and accountability in the Liberian society by -

  1. Increasing citizens’ participation in the fight against all forms of corruption through education and awareness building programs;
  2. Sensitize the Liberian society and various institutions of the need to exhibit transparency and accountability in all their dealings.
  3. Conducting quality research that informs the fight against corruption;3. Engaging the public and private sectors in dialogue that strengthens and encourages accountability and transparency;4. Encouraging civil society organizations (non-governmental organizations, private volunteer organization and community-based organizations) to be transparent and accountable in their administrative and financial dealings; and
  4. Forging links with international and local institutions that are committed to the fight against corruption and democratic governance.

Core Values

The following principles guide CENTAL’s engagement with the public, our partners, and our board and staff as we pursue institution building and our anti-corruption work in Liberia:

Transparency & Accountability: CENTAL acknowledges that all of its resources are sought for the benefit of the broader society. Therefore, in all our dealings, weare open and accountable to the public on whose behalf we work and to donors and partners who contribute the resources that makes our work possible. By this, CENTAL regularly communicates with the public and partners through reports and statements regarding our programs, finances, and other dealings as well as encourages the public to seek information all issues regarding the management of the organization.

Impartiality and Independence:CENTAL takes an impartial and independent view on the issue of corruption and targets our anti-corruption efforts accordingly, regardless of who or what is involved. We also extend this impartiality principle to our internal practice of employment, promotion, and the application of benefits and rewards, among others.

Integrity: CENTAL considers integrity in its broadest sense as requiring consistent, honorable conduct and conducting oneself at all time in such manner as not to be compromised or to suffer reproach to name, person, related persons and organizations. Integrity along with a general ethical behavior is required of every member, board member, staff, volunteer, and partner of CENTAL in their dealing with families, colleagues, communities,institutions, and the beneficiaries and targets of our work.

Respect for the Rule of Law and Individual Rights and Freedom: While we seek change, we are always mindful of the legal and ethical limits within which we can act. We, therefore, seek to ensure that in all our dealings, we act legally and respect and protect the rights and constitutionally guaranteed freedom of every individual.

Participation: CENTAL is aware that the fight against corruption is a challenge for all of society and not CENTAL alone. We, therefore, acknowledge that it can only be won through a cooperative societal movement. Accordingly, CENTAL values the participation of all, where possible, in all actions to fight corruption in our society.

Our Membership Objectives 

CENTAL is a membership-based organization that seeks to incorporate persons that believe in the exhibition of transparency and accountability as individuals and in their interactions with the public and private sectors.  Our members are the engine that drives the effectiveness of the organization.  Membership in CENTAL is non-discriminatory; we attempt to attract progressive individuals who have the drive to influence the fight against corruption in Liberia.